VIDEO: Accidental copwatch catches cop planting evidence, cop shines light on camera when they notice her, way too late.

Source: Woman Believes She May Have Captured Video Of Police Planting Evidence In Someone’s Car During Arrest

CopWatcher App Note: We are working to determine the name of the law enforcement agency.

Kelly Delora was simply trying to enjoy a nighttime snack in her car a few days ago while streaming on TikTok’s Live feature, when she got “dinner and a show,” in the form of a police stop happening right in front of her car.

She quickly turned the video around so her viewers could see, when one moment seemed to show someone going into the stopped person’s car out of nowhere.

Kelly explains the copwatching event and subsequent intemidation here:

@kapperella Reply to @martyvizcarra ♬ original sound – Kaley Delora

Now, Delora’s followers have come to suspect that the video may have captured police doing something sinister.

Viewers of the video think an undercover cop planted evidence in the car.

A man, wearing civilian clothes, can be seen opening a car door, doing something inside it, and leaving again before more police arrive and an arrest of the woman who appeared to be driving the car ensues.

When viewers later saw this man interact with the police, they because convinced that he was a cop who had planted evidence,
“What? Sir. Is this an undercover police? Who is this guy?” Delora can be heard saying in the video, clearly very confused by the situation, before landing on her conclusion.

“Yeah! That was another cop dressed like a civilian. What the f— was in that bag?” she continued, as the police swarmed the stopped car and started to shine a light on her car.

The video has received over 4.6 million views on her TikTok, @kapperella, and has been liked 855 thousand times.

@kapperella Reply to @kapperella ♬ original sound – Kaley Delora

While the legality of police planting evidence varies from state to state, tampering with evidence could certainly save many people from wrongful incarcerations.

“One of my viewers that was on my Live said that it looked like that guy had walked up and put something in the car, so I included that clip . . . because it looked weird, and then the cop was asking ‘Did they see anything?’ and then were pointing and looking at me,” she explained in another part.

She emphasizes in the comment of the original video and videos that she followed up with that she isn’t sure what’s really going on and isn’t implying that the police officer is doing anything illegal.

Commenters are convinced that the police aren’t innocent.

“Minding her business, about to take down a whole police force,” said one of the comments in reference to her caption, which says “Minding my business eating snacks.”

“No freaking way you just caught a felony on camera!” said another commenter. “You need to contact the DA for your area ASAP! You may have just saved more than one person!”

People suggested she talk to the FBI and reach out to several media outlets to bring attention to this situation in order to protect herself from whatever threats she might face from the police.

A small minority of people are also being very rude to her and caused her a lot of stress, prompting her to make a follow-up video responding to the criticisms.

“Just another yt useless ally,” said the comment she responded to, which criticized her for not going outside of her car to defend the person being arrested or sending it to the FBI.

A lot of people jumped to her rescue with the cold reality that it isn’t that simple to just get something done about it.

“Yes just ‘call someone!’ Who? How? What exactly is that process like? They don’t know, they just want to yell at you for it,” said somebody else.

“Okay everyone, I have been trying to get legal counsel before I deploy the big guns,” she stated in an update, “because like I have stated I’m not sure if I have the evidence I need to take this to the next level.”

She said that she’s trying to figure out the woman’s identity in order to move forward with procedures because, without her name, she can’t do anything.