A cell phone video shows Floyd L. Wallace Jr. of Omaha, Nebraska, aka. OMAHA COPWATCH LIVE walking in front of a Cape Coral Fire Station carrying a black, zippered case.

As officers approach him with guns and Tasers drawn and order him to turn around, Wallace declines and asks to be told why he is being stopped. An officer Tases him and the video captures Wallace’s painful reaction to the electrical charge.

In the aftermath an officer can be heard telling Wallace he had “unnerved people” and calls the item he was carrying a rifle case.

An officer on Wallace’s video can also be heard saying Wallace was a First Amendment auditor. Such auditors are known to film on public property and at law enforcement locations such as police stations to test rights to film in a public space.

OMAHA COPWATCH LIVE was booked Wednesday evening on a resisting arrest without violence misdemeanor charge and released Thursday morning shortly after 1:30. His arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 25.

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Source: Self-described First Amendment auditor Tased by Cape Coral police outside fire department